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Queen Elizabeth Hospital GlasgowQueen Elizabeth Hospital Glasgow

The facility is one of the UK’s biggest acute health facilities for acute care

The 14-story Queen Elizabeth Hospital Glasgow is one of the biggest Adult acute hospitals in the UK with 1,109 beds. recently constructed facility is a landmark hospital that focuses on individual patient health which is a testament to its impressive location. Patients have an individual, private room with an expansive view.

A Resource and Energy Resource efficient facility

Despite being a vast area of 175,000m2, which includes the hospital for children. The facility is an excellent example of resource and energy efficiency. The entire team working on the project started from the very beginning of the plan to develop a carbon-free structure. That will bring significant energy and cost savings throughout its life.

About Queen Elizabeth Hospital Glasgow

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Glasgow acute facilities are part of a larger healthcare hub which includes the children’s hospital. Which has more than 256 beds, adult and pediatric A&E departments as well as a maternity hospital and lab services. Along with the existing facilities, it is QEUH which is the UK’s biggest hospital campus. We offered services to all of QEUH’s superstructure and also for each of the units.

Engineering University Hospital in Glasgow Building Interior

Our involvement in the scheme began in 2009 after we showed our complete dedication to achieving. The stringent sustainability objectives of the development for the developer. Goals included removing 96% of the waste from landfills during construction. Assisting in achieving carbon emissions not greater than 80kg/m2 in a year.

Cost Of Building

The measures taken to minimize the amount of waste and lower costs were the reduction of the number of excavations. As well as placing masonry in a way that minimizes cutting-offs. The team of civil and structural engineers selected materials based on their durability and low maintenance with an eye on. The entire lifecycle cost of the structure. In a place that is continuously busy and where the comfort of the people who use it is of paramount importance and comfort is paramount. The thermal volume in the flooring was used to lower energy demand. Another benefit was the inbuilt fire protection for the concrete frame which is among the largest structures built in Europe.

Making Use of BIM to Reduce Project Complexities

One of the biggest challenges was the size that was the QEUH development. Which was equivalent to eleven football fields (some 3.5 acres). In this setting, minor changes could have the potential to have a major impact on cost plans.

Information Of Building

We tapped into the full power of Building Information Modelling (BIM) to tackle the complex nature of the project and communicate design intent to identify issues and analyze them. How flexible structures use this technology. Our technical team created an extensive information model for the project of designs to help manage changes, measure, and purchase materials, and create timelines for the project.

Award Queen Elizabeth Hospital Glasgow

Our utilization of the most cutting-edge BIM as well as close working with the team working. The project and a dedication to working towards a BREEAM assessment of Excellent (the client’s initial objective). This has allowed us to build one of Europe’s most modern hospitals. Queen Elizabeth Hospital Glasgow was named the Best Hospital Development in the 2015 MIPIM Awards.

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