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The Internet and Technology

The connections to people if they were located in remote.  The locations were further heightened by Internet technology advancements like the air transport system, telegraph radio, telephone, television, and the Internet. A tool that had a significant impact on the networks that connected devices and people.

Industrialisation And The Internet

In the years leading up to the Industrial Revolution. Internet technology slowly developed and, in particular, the development of sailing. The creation of a huge web of people from all over the world. Rapid technological advancements during the Industrial Revolution caused. The world’s network to expand and transform into a “small world”. Steam engines opened the way for huge industrial production as well. As quick and reliable shipping and train connections. This increased travel and trade as well as military conflicts. The manufacturing of weapons became more industrialized.

The Internet Connected the World

Technological advancements like the air transport system, telegraph radio, telephone, and television. The Internet has proved to be an important technological advancement that had. A significant impact on the networks that connect individuals and gadgets.

A Peer-to-Peer Network

Communication technologies of the past were mostly one-to-one (word-of-mouth) for example, writing letters or telegraph telephones, or one-to-many (mass media) like radio broadcasts, newspapers, and television and radio broadcasts, the Internet created a network that allowed numerous-to-many (peer-to-peer) interactions were feasible. The massive peer-to-peer network created new ways for people to connect. Consumers became the mainstay of power because their comments about products and services helped in the dissemination of actual consumer experiences that can be more useful for consumers than ads from producers.

The Internet and Informational Dynamics

But, fake and false disinformation can be able to spread rapidly on peer-to-peer networks. This is why the old adage “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes,” is likely to be true when describing informational exchanges that occur on the Internet. Because of these psychological factors conspiracy theories like the “flat” Earth movement flourish on the Internet despite the abundance of scientific data available.

Information Bubbles

Furthermore, algorithms are helping us identify data that could be important to us. Which further increases the risk of being in the so-called “informational bubbles“. More often, algorithms can be employed to determine those with particular preferences and then target individuals.  Information that provokes responses.

The Future of the Internet

What kinds of networks could develop in the coming years on Internet technology. How algorithms will impact our lives as we interact with these networks is difficult to imagine. It’s as hard for those twenty years ago to envision the consequences on Amazon, Linked-in, Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pornhub, online games, Spotify, eBay and Youtube. Certain developments might be regarded positively like Wikipedia and other sites. So what’s to come shortly is a subject of speculation. It’s sensible to suppose that our lives could be impacted in ways. That may surprise us, either for good or for the worst.

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