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Are Chip And Joanna Gaines Still MarriedAre Chip And Joanna Gaines Still Married

The Couple Remains Married

Chip and Joanna Gaines are entering a new phase in their relationship and they are loving it. Chip And Joanna Gaines Still Married

“I would say, as we’re getting older, I’m shifting and I’m more like Chip, and Chip is more like me,” Joanna says Joanna about her 20-year husband in the current PEOPLE feature story.

Part Of Our Married

“Jo and I are in this beautiful moment. We’re evolving into each other,” Chip adds. Chip, “It’s the second part of our marriage, Chip And Joanna Gaines Still Married

For Joanna it is a challenge she has to face for the rest of her life -for example, her two new pastimes of beekeeping and horseback riding and letting herself be more present and vulnerable, even if it’s often difficult. “It’s definitely a more real way to live, and so I’m thankful for that,” she says.

Are Chip And Joanna Gaines Still Married

For Chip who is 49, he’s getting things done and helping his spouse shine. “I want to be her biggest cheerleader,” Chip declares. “I’m like, ‘Hey, you go do whatever. My knees are in pain.’ “

Joanna jokes about putting her switch to being a “midlife crisis,” but at 45, she says “we just see life differently now.”

Chip as well as Joanna Gaines’ New Hotel in Waco, Texas Is Officially Opening — and reservations are already booked.

Chip as well as Joanna Gaines cover, Chip and Joanna Gaines Still Married


Their current perspectives are what they are the expectations that fans believe they will see from the duo. For the past decade for Fixer Upper, as well as its spinoffs Joanna remains calm well-organized, contained, and in control, and Chip often has been seen climbing up the ladder or tearing through the drywall.

In reality, things are changing for the Gaineses today, as a couple an entire family, and as entrepreneurs.

Chip as well as Joanna Gaines, Chip and Joanna Gaines Still Married


The family of five has sent their son Drake 19, off to college; established the podcast network, announced the first of a series of Magnolia reality shows; finished their work on Hotel 1928 located in Waco which was one of the most important projects of their careers and launched Fixer Upper: The Hotel the Hotel, a brand new series on the hotel which will air in the fall on Max as well as the Magnolia Network.

Chip and Joanna Gaines Are ‘Thrilled’ to launch their New Podcast Network — Here are their first two Shows

Chip as Joanna Gaines, Chip and Joanna Gaines Still Married.


The boutique was only officially opened on the property in November. 1st However, they’ve already gotten one glowing review that is truly important The acceptance of their daughters, Ella 17, and Emmie 13. “They constantly said “I don’t believe that this exists located in Waco. It’s like being located in New York City.’ This was the greatest praise,” says Joanna. “I was like, ‘Ah, they’re finally impressed.’ It felt like a big win.”

Fixer Upper fans have watched the Gaines children including Duke 15, and Crew Five develop on television But today, their children are pursuing their own path. “Chip is very good in saying that you have to be your own persona. After you’ve finished college, do something by yourself. Take a course. If you decide to return years later and help us teach”We’re here, ” Joanna. Joanna.

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