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Angelina jolie brotherAngelina jolie brother

Angelina Jolie brother

Angelina Jolie brother James Haven, 50, has been in the spotlight alongside his famous sister frequently through the years. The actress’ sole sister, whose parents include Jon Voight and the late Marcheline Bertrand has appeared in public with her several times in her fame and even though he lives a quiet existence generally He has an impressive career and a history of his own Angelina jolie brother

The siblings are famously (sometimes notoriously) close. In December 2023, James admitted to being concerned for his sister after her divorce from her ex-husband Brad Pitt. “That’s where it all began in the beginning, with her protection and her children – my nephews and nieces” he stated during his appearance on the podcast 90who10 through Page Six. “I created my life so that I’m aware of any situation,” he explained “I will provide them with support or her whatever they’re going through.”


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James Haven

James Haven is on a red carpet. ( Featureflash Photo Agency)

Angelina Jolie brother the star with a talent for acting, has been featured in various films and TV shows since 1998. He first appeared in a small part in the film Angelina Jolie Gia and has been in various other films that have been popular since then, such as Hell’s Kitchen, Original Sin, Monster’s Ball, Breaking Dawn as well as Stay Alive. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and The Game are the TV shows he’s appeared in.

Alongside acting as the director of the executive board for Artivist, an annual event located in Los Angeles that puts a focus on a variety of issues, such as animal rights, human rights, as well as environmental issues.

The nanny was previously Angelina’s child as a nanny.

Angelina Jolie, James Haven

Following the breakup of Angelina jolie brother Brad Pitt in 2016, James reportedly joined her. Brad Pitt in the year 2016, James reportedly took over to assume the role of a not-only uncle, but also head nanny to a few other nannies that look after Angelina Brad’s six children. They comprise Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox. The actress reportedly fired him in the year 2017 the relationship. Is said to have deteriorated since then.

In the 2023 interview on the podcast mentioned above, James seemed to push away from that notion and said he would like to be present for Angie’s kids in their “massively developing period.” “They’re turning into young adults, early 20s” James explained. “I believe that it’s natural for me and I would like to be present at all times. Every time I’m blessed with their presence I would like to be there.”

The niece of his Shiloh was named in his honor.

James admitted that Shiloh was to be their middle name when the baby was born in 1973. However, the parents rethought their decision in an interview in 2007 with Grazia. The moment Shiloh came into the world in 2006. Angelina remembered the name and was happy with it so she decided to name it after her daughter.


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